In this section, you will find some of the impacts of the Moving Pictures project.


all characters are interesting to listen to and they made positive contribution to this video. The information provided is beneficial and I believe it will make positive impact and push people to go check!

Arabic-speaking community member
The film provided the necessary information I need , so I was enjoying watching the film.
Greek community member
It [the film] can show people enjoying life with dementia – so it doesn’t seem like there is no cure and life will no longer be enjoyable.
Mandarin-speaking community member

I really liked the variety of speakers covering not only the information provision; identifying Dementia specific  symptoms, importance of diagnosis, availability of and access to a holistic range of services, and looking at care with a holistic lens (family, friends, GP, MyAgedCare, Dementia, carers support, in home and respite services, language specific collateral), carers taking time to look after themselves first but also, speakers who were carers.

Multicultural Key Service Provider
As a recently retired GP who treated patients with dementia, I think that this film would be an excellent resource for patients , their family, their carers and their health professionals
Greek community member
This hasn’t been done before and is well overdue. I wish it was around when my mum was diagnosed, it would have helped my dad understand what was going on
Greek community member